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Pet Tag

Secure your loved one’s safety, with the most advanced pet tag on the market. One small tag provides your prized pet with a lifetime of protection!



Luggage Tag

Tag a QtagO on your luggage, and travel with complete confidence – that no matter what happens, your belongings are protected across the globe.


Qtago_Packaging_Keys-1Key Tag

With the importance of home security systems and car alarms, don’t the keys that unlock your worldly possessions deserve security of their own?



 Medical Tag/Card

QtagO is a real lifesaver! Give doctors & paramedics a fighting chance against the clock, by making medical info accessible in a heartbeat!


About QtagO !

QtagO Qtago

QtagO is that extra peace of mind for whatever it is that you hold dear and valuable – such as pets, luggage, keys, objects, and even human health. Wherever they are, and whatever happens, QtagO is your last line of defense against avoidable loss.

LifetimeService Lifetime Service

QtagO is a valuable investment that insures your property, loved ones, and medical information for life. Whether you experience a medical emergency tomorrow or little Sparky runs away 5 years from now, QtagO will always be available to inform and notify.

SuperiorCommunication Superior Communication

If someone finds your property, how can they contact you? QtagO gives them the widest range of communications on the market, covering all bases and maximizing the chances that your property is swiftly returned. If someone visits your profile either online or by mobile you will receive an email alert every time with the geo location of where this has been accessed (if their GPS is enabled and they accept to share their location).


ScanTechnology Scan Technology

Every tag comes with a unique QR Code, which (much like a barcode) can be scanned to show your QtagO’s profile page, containing any information or contact details you specify.


Can’t scan? The finder can also see the profile page by manually typing the tag ID at Therefore an e-mail or SMS notification can still be sent to you.

SMSTexting SMS Texting

No internet either? Our text messaging system also allows finders to notify you by texting the word QTAGOID to the number 76000. It’s really that easy!

Hotline 24/7 Hotline

None of the above? The QtagO 24/7 Telephone Hotline is available as a last resort to make contact, and get that property returned to you right away. Call our toll free number (1-855-294-9536) and leave a message with your name, how to be contacted and the tag ID so that the owner can contact you within minutes.

Simply the best system to recover your personal items.
SMS and E-mail alerts works worldwide.
Protection like never before.
QtagO: Never Lost!

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